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Water Main Breaks

Dempster Plumbing is San Jose based general plumbing contractor with extensive experience in water main inspection and replacement.

Water mains have a shelf life, in a standard residential home set up they run from the water main at the street under the lawn or front yard to shut off valve at the garage or similar.

The homeowner is responsible for the water main and home plumbing  from the water meter to and into the house.Residential and Commercail water main replacement in the south bay

  • Residential water mains, especially mains using older galvanized piping will corrode over time.
  • You may notice a drop off in water pressure over time as the pipe begins to corrode and build up from the inside.
  • A sudden main break will leave your lawn flooded and very soft to walk on and the problem should be fixed quickly.
  • You never know  how much you need water until its not available.
  • Dempster Plumbing uses high quality water grade Copper piping for  all our water main projects
  • Fast Response and turnaround time
  • Front yard waterlogged
  • grass green in one section of the lawn
  • Sudden lack of water pressure
  • Minimum disruption to your property inside and outside.
  • Temporary installations available to get your water back on while we work on the project.
  • Licensed contractor
  • San Jose based

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