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PEX Repipe: Certified Uponoruponor

PEX: PolyEthylene Cross-Linked (X). PEX is a plastic piping solution known for its durability, longevity, flexibility, and affordability. PEX piping is a great solution for homes that need new pipes. PEX plumbing systems require fewer fittings and less labor to install, so a PEX repipe is quite affordable.

There is a wide variety of quality with PEX pipes. We use only Uponor PEX, which is the best PEX piping solution on the market. Upanor PEX products are manufactured without chemicals that can affect the quality of the water running through them. Uponor considers every aspect of plumbing, from quality to durability and especially ease of install. This is a key component in saving a homeowner money in the cost of installation.

Not sure if you need a repipe? Here are symptoms of a bigger issue:

  • Apparently reduced water pressure in the house.
  • It takes too long to fill a cooking pot, the sink or the tub.
  • Water leaking from plumbing system.
  • Dark spots in ceilings.24363507_s
  • Shower water pressure is low
  • Shower head is permanently set to massage jet.

Considering a repipe? Can’t decide between PEX and copper repiping? Let us help!