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Copper Repipe Specialists

San Jose plumber copper re-pipe specialist
Copper piping is the best material to use in new home construction for all the pipes running through the home. Copper pipe has a life span that goes beyond any reasonable expectation for a home’s life span. Copper pipes will probably last forever because it is extremely resistant to corrosion.

Older pipes were made of galvanized metal and would corrode after 20-30 years. The first sign of trouble is low water pressure caused by a buildup inside the pipes and/or leaking pipes. A popular service on these older homes is to replace all the pipes in the entire home with copper pipe.

Dempster Plumbing is a copper repipe specialist. Half of the projects we work on include copper repiping in some degree. Greene County is ripe with older homes that have low water pressure caused by bad pipes. We could only repipe homes and have enough work to last for decades. Our clients hire us because of our sterling reputaton in the area of copper repiping. We do the job right and we know how to price it so there are no surprises in material cost. We can patch all the walls we impact and we are always careful of flooring, furniture, etc.

We only use American-made, Type L  Copper Pipe.

Not sure if you need a repipe? Here are symptoms of low water pressure:

  • Obviously reduced water pressure in the house.
  • It takes forever to fill a cooking pot or the sink.
  • Water leaking from plumbing pipes under the house.
  • Dark spots in ceilings.
  • Showers are a challenge and even the massage jet isn’t cutting it.

Why Copper Repipe?

  • Improved water pressure saves time in water-related activities such as cooking and showering
  • Adds value to a home
  • Prevents major issues such as old pipes bursting
  • Your water will taste better. No more bottled water! (save the environment from all that plastic!!!)
  • You may have rusty pipes. New copper pipes eliminate reddish water and those bits of rust. Do not drink or cook with any discolored water!

Click Here for our budget repiping solutions using PEX piping.

Why Dempster Plumbing?

  • Top Ranked Copper Re-pipe specialist
  • Minimum disruption to your daily routineCopper-repipe-plumber-san-jose
  • Fast response time
  • competitive pricing
  • Drywall fully restored and ready for painting
  • All old plumbing removed
  • Greene County, NY based
  • Licensed plumbing contractor
  • BBB rated A+

If you have low water pressure or need a quote for a copper repipe, please call 1-408-597-5877 or use the E-mail form on the right and we will respond promptly.