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Trenchless sewer/water/gas pipeline replacement

According to definition, trenchless technology can be defined as any method used for the installation or repair of underground structures (such as pipes) without the need to dig a trench, or disrupt activities on the surface. The act of trenchless construction or repair/replacement is usually done by equipment that can bore a tunnel through the earth.

There are several techniques that can be applied to the repair or replacement of buried gas, sewer and water pipes.

  1. Sliplining: a slightly smaller pipe is inserted into the compromised pipe and grout is added between the two, maintaining structural integrity. This process has been around for over 75 years. Dempster Plumbing does not currently offer sliplining solutions.
  2. Pipe bursting: this process requires heavy equipment, specifically a hydraulic power pack, expander head, pulling rods, retaining device, and pulling machine. As the expander head is pulled through the bad pipe, the new pipe is pulled along as the replacement pipe. This method allows a wider diameter pipe to be part of the overall trenchless solution, which is critical where diameter affects pressure.
  3. Shotcrete, gunite, cured-in-place pipe and grout-in-place pipe are all methods to rehabilitate existing pipe. Most plumbers prefer to replace old pipe with new, higher quality pipe. However, in many cases, old pipes are beyond rehabilitating. Dempster plumbing does not currently offer pipe lining solutions.

There are several key advantages of trenchless pipe technology:

  1. No digging. This makes the entire process minimally invasive. There is no disruption to your lawn, garden, driveway etc. There is minimal construction dust and once the job is completed, there is no sign a plumber was ever there.
  2. Cost effective. Because no trench needs to be dug, a plumbing company can sometimes be in and out and the faster the repair, the more you save in labor.
  3. Long-term. Our new pipes are designed to prevent tree roots from invading your pipes in the future. This means no more concerns that nature will destroy your pipes again.

Our approach to trenchless plumbing:

  1. Sewer camera inspection. We look at the inside of your pipes so we can identify the problem area. We show you our findings and give you our recommendation for resolution.
  2. We implement the solution that we have agreed upon during our repair consultation.
  3. The integrity of your pipes are tested.
  4. We advise you on maintenance to prevent future problems.
  5. Once you are 100% satisfied with our work, we hope you tell a friend!
***Dempster Plumbing offers sewer, gas and water pipe bursting solutions.

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