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Dempster Plumbing No-Leak Lifetime Guarantee


Dempster plumbing will guarantee/warranty all “L” copper pipe, fittings and workmanship for the lifetime of your ownership of your home or building. If a leak occurs during the lifetime of owning your home these terms will follow:

  • No other plumber has cut in or sliced into the copper
  • No other plumber has changed any valves
  • Any additions or remodels have not occurred
  • Any determined high pressure over 65 lbs has not occurred
  • Any repairs made to copper that have been determined will void warranty.
  • Multi-family or apartments are 10 years against leak and 1 year on fixtures.
  • All fixtures will be warrantied for one year.

If the terms listed above are met:

Dempster Plumbing will come out and repair the leak free of charge. Liability due to any leak after the first year will not be covered. Water damage claims after the first year are not covered. Any partial repipes are 10 years against leaks on our copper ONLY meeting the terms.